Kelly Volkswagen
736 S Main Ave
Scranton, PA 18504

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Kelly Volkswagen
736 S Main Ave
Scranton, Pennsylvania 18504

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    2-Year or 24,000-Mile Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty

    Volkswagen is proud to offer a 2-year or 24,000-mile (whichever occurs first) limited warranty on all our certified used vehicles.


    Designing a bigger smile.

    Sculpted looks and sophisticated German engineering. The Passat was specifically crafted for those who think the driveway is a perfect place for a piece of art.


    See you farther down the road.

    Of course you're always welcome to visit. But another benefit of owning a Volkswagen is that maintenance intervals are fewer and farther between than most cars.


    Completely redesigned.

    It's okay to stare. Its very design is magnetic, iconic, and utterly unique. To say that it's a Volkswagen is actually an understatement.